Macau Tower

We went to Macau for half a day during our visit to Hong Kong. Our first stop here was Macau Tower. As soon as we got out of the Macau Ferry terminal, we got on a local bus which took us directly to the tower. There are many buses which you can take: Bus 9A, 18 or 21.

The tower measures 338 m (1,109 ft) in height from ground level to the highest point.The Outdoor Observation Deck on Level 61 gives you a panoramic view of the Pearl River Delta, Macau Peninsula and Taipa, Coloane islands. You will need to purchase tickets from ground level to up to the observation deck.

That’s just a miniature at the ground level
A little trivia
That’s the view from the Observation deck


That’s Grand Lisboa Hotel peeking out



Apart from the view, Macau Tower offers an array of adventure sports like Bungy jumping. The AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungy Jump is 233m / 764ft high, making this a Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungy Jump in the world. It is advisable to pre-book your slot.



Sky jumping is another option on the tower. It is different from Bungy jumping as you don’t free fall or rebound. You jump in a standing position and stay that way all the way to the ground.

That is so true

A little more safer option would be Skywalking, where you take a stroll around the outer perimeter around the tower and it is only 1.8 meters wide.

This pic is not taken by me.. its just for illustration purpose

But if you are just too scared for life like me 😛 just enjoy the view from the observation deck. The deck has glass panels on the walkway, which was quiet scary for me 😛


There are also many restaurants from where you can enjoy the view from the top. These restaurants offer lunch buffet or high tea. I would recommend pre-booking your seats as they get sold out quickly.

I would definitely say, do not miss this place if you are in Macau. Maybe next time I visit the tower, I have gathered enough courage to go Bungy jumping. Lol!



7 thoughts on “Macau Tower

    1. Hi Debra.. unfortunately i did not have much time to look for cheap tickets as my trip was just half a day. Also i did not do the bungy jump so I have no idea about any place for tickets other than the venue itself. I am sorry I cannot help you in this regard.


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