Hong Kong itinerary 3 days

Following my last post ‘10 must see in Hong Kong‘, here is my itinerary for 3 days along with travel directions. Hong Kong is quiet huge and you need to plan well.

This was the first time I was planning a trip. I spent a lot of time researching about the places to visit and planning out a perfect itinerary which would cover all of them in such short time.  Here is how you can plan your trip as well.

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an autonomous territory south to Mainland China at the Pearl River Estuary of the Asia Pacific. Hong Kong is known for its skyline and deep natural harbour. The territory has the second largest number of high-rises in the world. The country is divided into 5 districts: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, Lantau Island, Outlying Island
The majority of Hong Kong’s population are Chinese (93.6%). A significant number of Indian, Pakistani and Nepalese live here too. Many locals do not understand English, it might be difficult to get help on the streets. But we found many others who would come to our rescue whenever we got lost.


Indian passport holders do not require a visa to enter Hong Kong. Please check the requirements for your country and make necessary arrangements.

Where to Stay

We got a bag packer’s room from AirBnb at Tsim Sha Tsui (TST). There are many such hostels and hotels in this area. I would recommend staying in this area as many tourist spots are at walking distance, train station is close, buses and taxis are plenty. Also, you will find restaurants, malls and shops are abundant.

Other popular areas to stay are Kowloon, Mongkok and Hong Kong Island.


Hong Kong dollars are used here. I would recommend to exchange currency in Hong Kong itself as you get better rates here. There are many money exchange shops around Tsim Sha Tsui.

Going Around

The entire island is well connected through buses, trains and taxis. I found the train service called MTR to be most efficient. We bought the ‘Octopus card’ from the airport itself, which can be used to travel in buses and trains across the island. You can top-up the card at any of the stations and you get the balance amount back when you return the card.

This is very useful.. always keep handy



It was actually a 4 day tour but on the first day we just put our bags in our room and left for Macau. Read more about it in my post about Macau in half a day.

Day 1

We started our day with breakfast at McDonalds and head to the TST MTR station towards the Victoria Peak. We took the Tsuen wan line to Admirality station and the walked upto Peak bus terminus from where you will get many buses to the Peak. We already had bought tickets from an agent so we head straight to the tram queue.


The tram

The tram takes you uphill to the highest point in Hong Kong to enjoy the mesmerizing aerial view from the Observation deck.




At the base of the sky tower is the Madame Tussaud’s Wax museum where you can go click! click! with wax statues of famous celebrities. The tram gets you back to the terminal.

On our way back, we spotted the Ding Ding trams and hopped on. We alighted a few stops later.


In the evening, we went around Ladies Market (Tsuen wan line to Mong Kok Stn– Walk 4min) to shop for souvenirs and local goods.

Later at night we went to Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade to watch ‘A Symphony of Lights’ show.


Do not miss the Clock tower next to the Promenade.DSC_3618

Dinner was at Lan Kwai Fong. Make sure you go here to experience the nightlife.


Day 2

We spent the next whole day at Disneyland.


Take Tsuen wan line from TST to Lai king, change to Tung Chung line to sunny bay, finally change to Disneyland resort line (45mins). Adult fare is HK$20 or HK$17.9 with Octopus Card.

Day 3

After a lovely Indian breakfast, we walked up to the Avenue of stars next to Promenade.

From here we went walking exploring TST area and reached The Hong Kong Museum, where we learnt about the history and people of Hong Kong.

Our last spot was Ngong Ping 360 Cable car.  Take Tsuen wan line from TST to Lai king, change to Tung Chung line, get down at the last stop.

From here we took a direct bus to the airport.

Important tips

  1. Language: Many locals, shopkeepers and waiters in restaurants do not understand English. Look out for people who know English to help you out.
  2. Cheap tickets: Golden Crown Guesthouse at TST sells discounted tickets for many attractions in Hong Kong. We bought our Disneyland and The Peak tickets from them.
  3. Check for the weather. We went in the month of May which was quiet hot and humid. It is advisable to visit Hong Kong during early winters.
  4. Food: If you have any restrictions about the food, like if you do not eat pork or beef, be specific to inform the staff in the restaurants. There are many McDonalds, Pizza huts and Indian restaurants, if you do not want to try something new.
  5. There are many 7-Eleven shops everywhere, so you don’t need to worry about water, snacks or any other things you might need.

I hope this post will help you plan your trip to Hong Kong. Have fun!




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