Life on a Cruise- Mariner of the Seas

Our first wedding anniversary had to be special.. and the celebration was every bit of it. Having watched many times in movies, it was like dream come true on-board Mariner of the Seas cruise of the Royal Caribbean franchise.



With many options to choose from the variety of types of rooms, the costs will vary accordingly. It is only the type of room that decides the costs, otherwise all the facilities are same for all the guests. Ticket booking must be done way in advance as they might get unavailable or expensive with time. We had booked the tickets almost nine months in advance and got a very cheap deal.

Sailing period

This cruise sails from Singapore in between the months of October to May. We bought a 3 days package with one day at Port Klang, Malaysia. There are several destinations and packages available.

Life on cruise

Guests are given a particular time slot according to their floor to arrive at the dock. This is simply to ease the check-in process and avoid any delay. We were asked to arrive between 11 am- 2 pm and we regret reaching their at 1 pm.. we should have been there at 11 am so we could spend more time on the ship 😛

We checked-in our luggage at the dock before immigration. After the initial formalities, we walked up to the huge gigantic ship, which couldn’t be even clicked in a single frame :P. From the time we entered the ship, we were treated like royalty every single minute on-board.


After the immigration is done, our passports were taken by the cruise staff, which was returned on the last day. Seapass cards were given to both of us, which acts as an identity card on the ship. You can bill any of your purchases including food and beverages on the card, which you will settle on the last day of your cruise. The card is also the key to your room.

My seapass card

As soon as we entered, we were served lunch in the main dining room. A grand spread of food from starters to soups to main course to desert.. ample variety to choose from.

food makes me happy

After hogging on delicious food, we head to the top most floor of the ship to explore the view. The ship was still at Singapore docks and provided awesome view of the city.


Like many other guests, we explored the entertainment amenities on the ship. This is the best time to get on the top floors and click pictures as there are very few people around.

Everybody is gathered in a hall for safety instructions just before the ship is about to sail.

After a couple of hours of roaming around, we decided to go to our room. We had opted for a Interior stateroom, and were expecting a tiny room. But to our surprise, the room was quite spacious with a queen sized bed, a closed, a sofa with coffee table, and a bathroom. It is quiet a basic room with no windows or balcony. This was our first time, we didn’t want any fancy room, as we were not going to be in it anyways 😉

Each room is allotted a Stateroom attendant who would clean the room twice a day and would help you out in case you need any help like laundry or others.

Every day, we were given an itinerary in our room, with details about the entertainment options like shows, contests, movie screenings, games etc. The sheet is so detailed with the information about floors and rooms and timing, you cannot go wrong. However, you need to plan your day as there are so many activities going on throughout and you do not want to miss any.


Just imagine.. swimming in the pool on international waters, isn’t that cool! 🙂 🙂


If you do not want to swim.. just relax in the Jacuzzi Or just lay back and soak in some sun and air on one the lounge chairs.

There are multiple screenings of movies throughout the day in the open theater near the pool. Alternately, you can enjoy a quiet movie time in the special small theater room.

The giant TV screen

Go Ice-skating in the indoor skating ring. You need to book the slots as it is extremely popular.


Play Bingo and stand a chance to win some serious money!! I lost both time I tried.

Wanna try your luck… play some games at the Casino! Its a small and cosy casino, but enough to keep you busy.



Do not miss the special dance show put up by the captain and crew at Promenade.

Complimentary Champagne and juice served during the captain’s performance

Go shop shop at various stores at the Royal Promenade.


Drop in your entry in lucky draws arranged on-board. I won this beautiful hamper with a lovely watch and pearl set worth $75 in one such draw 🙂 🙂


Must watch is the Ice skating show.. do not miss it for anything. A beautiful spectacular show put up by dancers and acrobats in the skating ring. Different timings are arranged for people staying at odd or even floors. Do check the timings for your floor. I was very busy watching the show I don’t have any pics.

If you are an art lover.. there is also a Art auction displaying beautiful work which you can buy.


If you are someone who does not like to miss your workout.. do not fret, there is a fully functional gym right at the top floor of the ship. Workout as you watch the ship wading through the crazy waters. There are also jogging tracks on the top deck.


Mini golf, basket ball, ping pong, rock climbing are some of the sports available on-board.

Me trying a hand at golf

For the little ones, and also for some grown up kids like me 😉 there are a lot of character meet and greets.

Many live performances are staged at the Savoy theater. Amazing performers with dance and music shows will keep you entertained. Keep your itinerary handy to make sure you do not miss any show.


When there was other free time we would just roam around the ship to admire the beautiful artwork and interiors.



Being avid foodies, it was a total party for me and my husband on the ship. Food was complimentary with our tickets. A couple of restaurants would run 24X7 offering free snacks, tea, coffee, refreshments and even proper food. Breakfast was buffet on all days with varieties from Chinese, western and Indian cuisines. Menu was similar on all days but the choice of food was plenty.

Cafe Promenade offering free snacks and coffee/tea

For lunch there were many arrangements, like barbecue parties, or buffets which we could choose from. There is really no restrictions, you can eat whatever and how much ever you want 😉

Dinner was in 2 sittings and we had to choose a time at the time of booking the tickets. A dining hall and table is allotted where we would go each day for dinner. There are 2 waiters on each table who would take care of the guests’ food and beverages. Each day there would be a different cuisine on the menu to choose from. A separate menu for Indian food was also available.

Last night was formal night where guests are dressed up in their fine dinner suits and dresses for dinner. It was lovely to see everyone all decked up and looking pretty.


The waiters and chefs put up a wonderful song and dance performance for the guests on 2 nights.

Apart from this, there are some chargeable restaurants such as specialty dining offering burgers, Italian food, drinks and juices.

There are special packages available like water package, drinks package, juice package. You can choose to buy any of these as per your need. We did not buy any as we would go for 1 or 2 juices per day, which was not worth the package. Also, free water is available throughout the day, so we din’t feel any need of a package.

Must do

Please! please! please! go to the front of the ship. Not many people go here.. and it is a perfect place to click beautiful pics.



After a wonderful 3 days on the ship, it was time to pack our bags and head home with beautiful memories of our luxurious life on cruise.



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