Sula- Vineyard, Nashik

While returning from Nashik to Mumbai, we decided to pay a quick visit to Sula Vineyards. As we drove our car out of our hotel, we were greeted by procession which had blocked the highway, almost got us to cancel the plan. Luckily some cops managing the traffic, helped us with alternate routes and we were able to visit the winery.

Getting there

Sula Vineyards is around 14 kms away from Nashik city. There are a couple of routes which you can take. We went by the Gangapur Road, which took around 45mins for us by car.



Sula Vineyard was established by Mr. Rajeev Samant in 1999. Sula was named after Rajeev’s mother – ‘Sulabha’. After the launch of its first wines in 2000, Sula expanded from its original 30 acre family estate in Nashik to approximately 1800 acres across Nashik and the state of Karnataka. Sula is one of the most eco-friendly companies in India.

Iconic symbol of Sula

The annual live music festival ‘SulaFest’ takes place at Nashik winery. SulaFest is an annual two-day ‘gourmet world music festival’ held at Sula Vineyards in Nashik.

My Experience

Lush green grape vines paved our way toward the winery. We visited in November, the grapes were still unripe, we couldn’t taste any.


little grapes 🙂

We were greeted by huge wine bottles, as we entered the facility.

The facility is simple but well maintained and clean. Tickets can be purchased from the gift shop.


There are 2 type of tickets:

Tour only: Includes a guided tour of the facility for 20 mins. For Rs. 100/-

Tour & Tasting: Includes a guided tour of the facility for 20 mins along with tasting of 6 types wine samples. For Rs. 350/-

Our tour guide explained us the history of Sula vineyards along with the types of grapes grown and used in making the famous Sula wines and took us through the entire process of the wine making.

Wine storage barrels


At the end of the tour, we were ushered to the tasting room. The room had an interesting decor. Here, we were also given a quick tutorial on how to enjoy our wine.

The tasting room
Wine samples

There is a roof top restaurant called ‘The Tasting Room’ overlooking the vineyards with panoramic views of the Gangapur lake in the distance.


Just outside are 2 restaurants: Little Italy and Soma (Indian food). We had our lunch at Soma. The food was very nice, ambiance was cool, the staff was very helpful and friendly.


The whole place is very fresh, very green… It was my first experience at a winery and I enjoyed it thoroughly.


3 thoughts on “Sula- Vineyard, Nashik

  1. Next time when you go try their new resort Beyond. Also don’t forget to visit the Gangapur dam.
    I’ve written similar kind of post on Sula wines… Do read it when free! 🙂


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