A night in Thar desert, Jaisalmer

One of the highlights of my Jaisalmer trip was the night we spent in the Thar desert. From Suryagarh Hotel (read my previous blog), we head to Sam dunes at Thar desert where we had pre-booked a camp for ourselves. Sam sand dunes is located about 40 kms from Jaisalmer city. It is one of the most popular tourist locations. You will need a car to reach the dunes. You will find an array of camps to choose from- budget camps to luxury camps.



We reached our camp in the evening. We were welcomed by the friendly staff who explained the itinerary for the evening to us. After putting our bags into our tents, we were guided to the camels for our ride to view the sunset in the dunes.

Sunset point

I was scared most of the time sitting on the camel (as there is no safety gear). You just sit atop of the galloping camel. But it definitely is an exciting experience of the desert life.


After enjoying the sun set behind the golden sands, the camels dropped us back at the camp, where a Rajasthani girl welcomed us with traditional Indian tilak and flowers. We freshened up in our tents, put on our winter wear to be able to survive the cold desert night and head outside to enjoy folk song and dance program.

our camp set up at night
our entertainers for the night

We were served hot tea with bhajiyas (fried Indian snacks) while entertainment program was on.

Buffet dinner was arranged for us comprising of Rajasthani specialties like Dal baati, Keer Sangri and more.

As the night progressed, the temperature began to drop further and we made ourselves comfortable in our cosy tents. PS: If you are travelling here in winters, make sure to bring along good winter wear as the desert can be ruthless with the temperatures, especially at night.


After a hearty breakfast in the morning, we said goodbye to the desert and made our way to the city to explore more.

Important tips:

  1. Most of the camps will charge 50% advance and remaining you need to pay at the camp. Make sure you carry enough cash as sometimes they won’t have internet reception in the desert for card payments.
  2. Good winter wear is a must.
  3. I would recommend carrying your own toiletries, you may not find any shops around.
  4. Camps only let you check in the evening, so plan your day accordingly.



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